Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (2024)

Kitsune Overview

In Blox Fruits’ dynamic and ever-evolving universe, the Kitsune Fruit emerges as a game-changer with its unique mythical beast powers. Promising unprecedented abilities and strategic gameplay, the Kitsune Fruit has quickly garnered attention among the players.


What Does Kitsune Fruit Do? Abilities, Moves & Powers



Accursed EnchantmentKitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (2)

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Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (3)

Cast a spell that invokes the mystical power of the Kitsune, creating a burst of spiritual energy capable of affecting multiple enemies at once. This enchantment is ideal for engaging nearby foes, creating an explosion that can reach and damage several targets simultaneously.1
Tails of Burning AgonyKitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (4)

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Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (5)

Unleashes the fiery torment of the Kitsune’s tails, where each attack manifests as a zigzagging trail of fire that can drag enemies along. This ability can hit and drag up to three opponents, making it a formidable option for controlling the flow of combat.50
Fox Fire DisruptionKitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (6)

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Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (7)

This ability summons will-o’-the-wisps that seek out and disorient adversaries. It’s an offensive maneuver that can confuse enemies and cause continuous damage, disrupting their attacks and making them vulnerable to additional combos.100
TransformationKitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (8)

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Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (9)

The central ability of the Kitsune Fruit, this power allows the user to transform into a mystical fox. This transformation augments the user’s capabilities and alters the dynamics of combat by introducing new offensive and defensive techniques. Moreover, once transformed, the user can act as a mount, offering a unique opportunity for an allied player to ride on them, enhancing cooperative play and strategic movement on the battlefield.300
Swift AssaultKitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (10)

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Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (11)

A rapid offensive that allows the player to launch a swift and direct attack. This ability is essential for closing distances or escaping from complicated situations, granting agility and versatility on the battlefield.200
M1 ClawsKitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (12)

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Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (13)

The M1 Claws ability is a core component of the Kitsune Fruit, accessible in both transformed and untransformed states. By clicking the mouse button, the player executes a swift and effective claw attack, essential for close-range combat. This basic attack is remarkably versatile, allowing players to deliver quick and precise strikes, ideal for initiating combat or as a follow-up in a combo chain. Its reliability and ease of use make it a go-to option for consistent damage output, regardless of the player’s transformation state, ensuring that Kitsune users are always equipped for engagement.0

Transformed Kitsune Fruit Abilities



Accursed EnchantmentKitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (14)

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After transformation, this ability is enhanced, allowing the user to cast even more destructive curses. In addition to its improved effect, when activated, it can split its attack into three separate flames, increasing the area of effect and damage potential.1
Tails of Burning AgonyKitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (15)

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Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (16)

In the transformed state, the fiery tails become more fierce, with the ability to inflict even greater damage and control opponents more effectively. This transformed ability is perfect for players looking to dominate on the battlefield with extensive area attacks.50
Fox Fire DisruptionKitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (17)

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Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (18)

Once transformed, Fox Fire Disruption intensifies, emitting will-o’-the-wisps that are more erratic and difficult for enemies to evade. This ability is key to destabilizing groups of adversaries and creating opportunities for combined attacks.100
TransformationKitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (19)

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Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (20)

In addition to the transformation ability, players gain a new dash ability, providing a unique animation and increased movement speed. This not only enhances mobility but also allows allies to use the player as a mount to move quickly across the battlefield.300
Swift AssaultKitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (21)

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Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (22)

With transformation, Swift Assault becomes an even more valuable tool, offering faster and more powerful attacks. This ability is crucial for close-quarters combat, allowing the player to strike and retreat with impressive agility.200

Passive Skills of Kitsune Fruit

Air JumpKitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (23)Aerial Acrobatics endows the player with the ability to perform mid-air jumps, significantly increasing vertical maneuverability and enabling aerial combat tactics. This skill not only enhances the ability to dodge ground-based attacks but also opens the door to unexpected downward strikes and more dynamic environmental exploration. The power to leap through the air is vital for maintaining the upper hand in varied terrains and during intense confrontations.
Dash & Mounted AlliesKitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (24)Kitsune Dash is a passive ability that bestows the user with superhuman movement speed, transforming into a mystical fox. It’s more than just a mobility enhancer; it provides the user with exceptional agility to dodge attacks or strategically reposition in combat. Crucially, in the transformed state, allied players can mount the user, and the user can still perform all abilities with a player riding them. This symbiotic capability is a game-changer in fast-paced encounters, potentially tipping the scales in PvP battles by allowing coordinated strikes and evasive maneuvers with an ally in tow.
Walk on The WaterKitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (25)Water Stride is a transformative passive ability that allows Kitsune Fruit users to walk on water without incurring damage, but only when transformed. This skill is not just visually impressive; it offers unprecedented escape or attack strategies, allowing players to navigate the battlefield in unexpected ways and gain a tactical advantage over those confined to conventional terrain limitations.

Kitsune Fruit Showcase & Tier

The Kitsune Fruit Fury Meter How does it work?

Step into the realm of Blox Fruits and experience the transformative power of the Kitsune Fruit. Echoing the might of the Dragon and Mammoth fruits, it features a unique ‘Fury Bar’ that escalates as you attack or sustain damage. This bar, divided into nine segments to symbolize the Kitsune’s legendary tails, unlocks increasingly potent abilities and combat strategies. With each filled segment, you harness more of the mythical beast’s power, elevating your gameplay with unparalleled strategic depth. The Kitsune Fruit isn’t just an upgrade it’s a game-changing force that redefines your approach to both offense and defense in the dynamic world of Blox Fruits.

Is Kitsune a Good Fruit in Blox Fruits? Build & Grind

The Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruits stands out for its exceptional strategic gameplay value and unique mythical beast abilities. It’s perfect for players seeking dynamic gameplay and unparalleled powers, offering a fine balance of offensive and defensive capabilities. This fruit is versatile in both PvP battles and PvE missions. However, unlocking its full potential demands dedicated practice and strategic acumen from the players

Where to Find & How to Obtain Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruits? Price & Value

The enigmatic and highly coveted Kitsune Fruit, representing the essence of a mythical beast, comes with a steep price tag of 4,500,000$ in the game’s currency or an equivalent in Robux, reflecting its rarity and power. This fruit isn’t just a mere addition to a player’s arsenal; it’s a game-changer that promises to revolutionize the way they engage in the world of Blox Fruits.

For those aspiring to wield the transformative powers of the Kitsune, acquiring it is a journey of patience and persistence. This mythical beast type fruit can be found in specific, often elusive locations within the game, or obtained through various in-game methods that challenge a player’s skill and dedication. Some of these methods include participating in high-stakes events, exploring hidden areas, or engaging in trades with other players who have managed to secure this rare fruit.

Is kitsune Fruit Better Than Mammoth?

Determining whether the Kitsune Fruit is better than the Mammoth Fruit in “Blox Fruits” largely depends on the player’s playstyle, preferences, and the specific context within the game. Here are some considerations:

  1. Type and Abilities:
    • The Kitsune Fruit, with its mythical beast type, offers unique abilities like transformations and special attacks, which could be more versatile or advantageous in certain combat situations.
    • The Mammoth Fruit, presumably a Zoan-type fruit, might focus more on physical strength and endurance, which could be better suited for direct combat scenarios.
  2. Strategic Use:
    • If you prefer a strategy that involves agility, deception, or versatile attack methods, the Kitsune Fruit might be more beneficial.
    • Conversely, if your strategy relies on brute strength and endurance, the Mammoth Fruit could be more suitable.
  3. Player Skill and Mastery:
    • Each fruit’s effectiveness greatly depends on how well a player can master its abilities. A fruit that matches your playstyle and skill set is often more advantageous.
  4. PvP vs. PvE:
    • In PvP scenarios, the ability to quickly adapt and use diverse strategies can be crucial, potentially giving an edge to the Kitsune Fruit.
    • For PvE, the choice may depend more on the nature of the enemies and challenges you face.
  5. Team Composition:
    • In team scenarios, the choice of fruit might depend on the overall team strategy and the role you play within the team.
  6. Personal Preference:
    • Ultimately, the enjoyment and comfort you find in using a particular fruit’s abilities are significant. Some players might prefer the style and aesthetic of one fruit over the other.

Can you Awaken Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruits?

As of now, the Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruits cannot be awakened. In the game, not all fruits have the capability for awakening, which typically unlocks additional powers or enhances existing abilities. The Kitsune Fruit, despite its unique and powerful abilities, is currently without this feature. Players will need to utilize its base abilities and strategies to make the most out of this fruit in the game. Keep an eye on game updates, as new features and abilities are often introduced.

The Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruits offers a blend of mythical allure and dynamic gameplay, making it a coveted choice for players seeking versatility and power. While it currently lacks an awakening feature, its unique abilities still place it among the top-tier fruits in the game. Mastering the Kitsune Fruit will not only enhance your strategic play but also provide a unique and thrilling gaming experience.

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Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruit | Guide [UPDATE 21] ⭐ (2024)
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