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The strongest awakening in Blox Fruits is the Race V4 and this is going to be a detailed guide for that. Race V4 is the highest and most difficult status to achieve, consisting of a series of complicated quests. But it’s definitely worth the hard work!

This guide will include the pre-requisites, the NPCs you need to meet, bosses you need to kill, etc. And we’ll further add on what to do after gaining your Race V4. Credits go to Brugify on YouTube.

Detailed Race V4 Guide

Fortunately, the whole process of becoming a Race V4 in Blox Fruits doesn’t have to be done solo. If you have friends, it’ll help fasten the process and you may even be able to achieve Race V4 together. But it is complicated and easy to get lost in the middle of it all with no one telling you what to do.

Here’s the summary of what you need to do:

  1. Kill rip_indra boss.
  2. Enter the Temple of Time.
  3. Get Mirror Fractal from Dough King.
  4. Resonate with the moon from the highest point of Mirage Island.
  5. Find Blue Gear on Mirage Island in 15 minutes.
  6. Pull lever in Temple of Time.
  7. Find two other players of different races to start the Race V4 trial during full moon.
  8. Fight other players to win the trial.

There are several parts of the quests where you can have a friend help you. At the end of this entire quest, you also need at least two other friends. So it’s best that you bring two allies with you to become Race V4 together.

Defeating rip_indra Boss

To defeat the rip_indra boss, one player must have the God’s Chalice to summon the boss. There are several ways to get the God’s Chalice. It is dropped by the Elite Pirates which spawn every 10 minutes.

You can also find the God’s Chalice by opening chests, but they only appear every 4 hours. And you can also pray at the gravestone every night for a 1% chance.

The best method to find the God’s Chalice is via grinding the Elite Pirates that spawn every 10 minutes. You can figure out where the Elite Pirates spawn by speaking to this NPC. It’s to the left from the rip_indra boss location.

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You don’t need to speak to the NPC to be able to kill the Elite Pirate and get the drop. He just lets you know where they spawn.

Once you have the God’s Chalice, you now need to find all three legendary haki buttons around the Castle on the Sea. You need to have the right haki on each button depending on the color of the buttons.

The first one here needs a Legendary Snow White haki. Then the red line around the second button indicates that it needs the Legendary Pure Red haki. And the final one on top of the castle, has a purple line which needs the Legendary Winter Sky haki.

Alternatively, you can bring friends with the hakis to activate them with you.

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Once you’ve got them all activated, head into the boss room and offer the chalice to the pedestal. Note that you can totally bring as many people to fight Indra and you don’t have to deal the most damage or land the final hit. You just need to participate in damaging him.

Head to the Temple of Time

After killing Indra, talk to the Sealed King who is near the Pure Red button and looks like a section of wall. It’ll talk very long with you and then tell you that you need to go to the Great Tree.

So head to the top of the Great Tree and interact with the Mysterious Force. It’ll teleport you into the Temple of Time. Head back out to talk to the Sealed King again to begin your next quest.

Get Mirror Fractal from Dough King

Next up, you need to get the Mirror Fractal. It is only dropped by the Dough King. To summon the Dough King, you need, again, the God’s Chalice and 10 Conjured Cocoa.

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You can grind for Conjured Cocoa by fighting the Cocoa Warriors and the Chocolate Bar Battler. Both of them have 2.5% chance of dropping a Conjured Cocoa, so take your time getting them. Once you have them all, go to the Sweet Crafter NPC and tell him that you’re challenging the Dough King.

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Then head to Cake Land to talk to Drip Mama. Drip Mana will tell you that you need to defeat 500 enemies that spawn on Cake Land. Anything outside Cake Land won’t count. After you finish that, head back to Drip Mama and remember to talk to her with the God’s Chalice in your hand.

If you don’t, she’ll summon the Cake Prince instead. The message when you summon a Dough King reads, “A Dimension Worthy of a God has spawned.”

After this, you will then fight the Dough King. Both the 500-kill and the Dough King are a lot better to deal with if you have friends. In fact, you won’t be able to solo the Dough King.

You can do this part in a private server to make sure people don’t steal your kill. You know you get the item when you do, if you didn’t, you didn’t kill him fast enough or had your kill stolen.

Mirage Island

Now, with the Mirror Fractal in hand, it’s time for you to head to Mirage Island during the night. This is going to take a while and we recommend you and your friends to all take part as there’s only a 1% chance for Mirage Island (Medium Island) to spawn in possible areas which is between islands.

On the island, head to the tallest point and then look at the moon for a few minutes before activating your Race V3. The moon will light up and you know you’ve resonated with the moon when there’s a message that says, “Your <Mirror Fractal> has resonated with the moon.”

Then, you need to find the Blue Gear in 15 minutes within Mirage Island. It can spawn in any corner of the map. Once you find it, walk on the gear and it’ll disappear which means you’re done with the island now.

Beginning the Trial

Now head back to the Great Tree and interact with the Mysterious Force to enter the Temple of Time again. We’re going to start the trials soon.

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That will unlock the big gate where trials for different races have been prepared. You need three players at the minimum to start the trial, so you can bring two to five other friends to do this.

Go into your trial rooms, then activate the trial together by using your Race V3 ability. All of you must past the trial in 1 minute and if someone fails, you have to do the trial again. You know all of you have done it once you’re all teleported to the ruins in the middle.

Then it’s a duke fest for everyone. Only one person can emerge as a winner, so good luck!

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Unlocking & Upgrading your Race V4

After you finish the trials, it’s time to head up to find the Ancient Clock. Take the stairway which is located behind the ruins where you duked it out. Head up and find the Ancient Clock, a place that’s only accessible if you’ve finished the trial. Else, it’ll be an endless stairway.

Next, you’ll be able to unlock more Race V4 abilities by talking to the Ancient One. The Ancient One is located near the stairway with a bunch of bookshelves and he offers trials to upgrade your Race V4.

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However, you can only keep doing trials after you buy the available upgrade. It won’t work if you try to do trials without getting the upgrades first. The more trials you do, the longer you need to be in your awakened form. And the longer you can stay in your awakened form.

  • The first stage of training requires you to be in your awakened form for 3 minutes. To fill the bar to activate your awakened form, you have to deal or take damage. After three minutes, go back to the Ancient One and you can buy your first upgrade.
  • For stage two, you must stay in your Awakened Form for 5 minutes. The second upgrade you can buy costs 1500 fragments. Buying it also unlocks the stage three trial.
  • For stage three, you need to buy 3 upgrades instead of just 1. The first upgrade needs a 4-minute Awakened form and 2000 fragments for upgrade. The second upgrade needs a 5-minute Awakened form with 2250 fragments for. The third upgrade needs a 10-minute Awakened form with 2500 fragments for upgrade.
  • For stage four, you need to buy 5 upgrades. The first upgrade needs an 8-minute Awakening form and 3000 fragments. The second upgrade needs a 10-minute Awakening form and 3250 fragments. The third upgrade needs a 13-minute Awakening form and 3500 fragments. The fourth upgrade needs a 15-minute Awakening form and 3750 fragments. The fifth upgrade needs an 18-minute Awakening form and 4000 fragments.

Once you’ve unlocked all of them, you can finally get the last upgrade for your final ability from the Ancient Clock. And you’ll have mastered your Race!

With that, we’ve concluded the detailed guide for Race V4 in Blox Fruits.

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Blox Fruits: Detailed Race V4 Guide | Roblox - Item Level Gaming (2024)
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