The E-Z Trainer and Universal Trainer. Safety with Teaching Tips by means of our Booklet and partnership in teaching DVD's.


The Daily Racer, Article 9/20/02---"It establishes a much better balance, resists damage much more, and still teaches the kids to learn to balance their machine to encourage them to ride without them".

MX America, Article 9/02---"The E-Z Trainer by Wheels-4-Tots is a "5-Star," must-have product for any PeeWee rider. It will give your child hours of enjoyment and provide parents with some peace of mind regarding their child's safety."

Cycle World, Article 12/01---"E-Z Trainer takes the trepidation out of putting tots on two-wheelers by doing away with tear-triggering tip-overs."

Dirt Rider, Tech Article 12/02---Rated 9 out of 10 for product satisfaction.
"It's getting more difficult every year for us to spot new products that we haven't seen before in one shape or another. It's the same with training wheels for minicycles, but we have never seen one designed as intelligently as the Wheels-4-Tots E-Z Trainer."
"How safe is it? We think it's the best product on the market,"


Lake Hill Motors---"I get to 'play' with my kids without worrying about if they are going to fall or not. I think it (E-Z Trainer) is one of the best products for kids on the market."

Fay Myers M.C. World---"They (E-Z Trainer) make a difference if the kids can ride or not. This isn't just my point of view as a dealer, it's my view as a DAD. It worked for my kids!"

Michael's Reno Suzuki & Yamaha---'Great product, easy to get on and off. It is simple, but works. We had a young girl that wouldn't ride because she wrecked before, after seeing the E-Z Trainer and using them, she rides all over now!"

D & L Equipment---"We have a large demand for this product! It is positive for kids because it is safe and they work!"

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Kim Cornely -We had the regular training wheels on it to start, that was a TOTAL disaster.
He has not had a single PROBLEM since we put the E-Z Trainer on.

Brian & Kyle from Denver,CO.--We have seen other people with other types of training wheels and they just aren't sturdy and safe as yours.

Bill Grossett--My set of E-Z Trainers went on the XR 50 perfectly

The Chapman Family-- I have to let you know these are without a doubt the best training wheels ever made!

Russ Rinfreto of CA.--I just wanted to pass along how happy I am with your e-z trainer.

Ryan Marshall--I put the wheels on the bike and within 15 minutes I was watching them take turns around the yard. We rode that thing all day long......

Chuck Venable of FL.--The wheels pinned to the bike perfectly, it took me about five minutes. Your product and workmanship are excellent!

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