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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of motorcycles should I put training wheels on?

When attaching any type of training aid on a bike you should always think of the size and speed of the bike. Training wheels are meant for entry level bikes and riders, not faster more advanced MX style racing bikes. We have tested the application of training wheels for bikes larger than 50cc, (i.e. PW 80, TT 90, KDX 110, XR 70 & KTM SR) and found that the speed and height of the bike make it too dangerous for the rider. Contact us for more information about our findings.

2. How long does it take to put our unit on the bike?

Installation of our E-Z Trainer takes less than 5 minutes. The only tool you need is a pair of pliers. There is no hardware to bolt on, just remove the foot pegs and slide our unit into place.

3. Where can we ride with your E-Z Trainer training wheels?

With our E-Z Trainer you can venture off-road. The rider will be able to ride in places never before possible because these are not your standard training wheels. Tall grass, trails through woods, mini-motocross tracks, gravel ,clay and even packed sand are among the favorable terrains. Riders are no longer limited to flat surfaces where turns are hazardous (such as sidewalks and driveways). We, however, do not suggest riding in soft loose sand.

4. How long does the typical rider need training wheels?

That is a decision that only the parent and the rider can make. Every child develops at a different speed so you can't generalize an age or level. The length of time one is on the training wheels also depends on what age they started riding. If you have a child starting at 3 years old versus a 5 year old, off course the 3 year old will be on the training wheels longer. However, we have also found that the more quality "seat time" a child has, the safer the rider is when the training wheels come off. I know you still would like to have a definite answer, unfortunately there isn't one. All I can tell you is that there are a lot of 2-5 year olds that are riding better than ever before.

5. At What age do I start my kids riding?

This is a very common question for many parents. As a parent myself, I want my kids involved with things that I like so we can do things together as a family. It has been great fun and I am sure that other parents hold that same motivation. However, if your motivation for your child to ride at age 2 or 3 is so they can be the next Carmichael, please don't do it. Our goal with this product is to help teach the fundamentals of the motorcycle--brakes, gas and steering, while avoiding the height and balance issues until later. E-Z Trainer allows you to slow down the motorcycle to speeds similar to that of battery operated vehicles. In some cases, slower! So the question of when to start them is really your choice. Most of our customers range in age from 2 ½ to 5 years old, but remember, the younger the child, the more patience and time you’ll need to spend practicing. As long as your child understands your verbal commands and use coordination when applying the brake, they will be able to ride their motorcycle with the help of our E-Z Trainer training wheels. By the way, we do have one warning for those of you thinking about purchasing a new motorcycle and training wheels. By allowing the kids to ride at a younger age, you are creating a “monster”…it is hard to get them off the bike! Contact us if you want more input on when to ride. Also, see Teaching Tips.

6. How do I slow the bike down?

This depends on the bike that you have. If you have a XR/CRF, PW or JR/KDX then you have a throttle restrictor screw. This is located on the front bottom side of the throttle housing. If you have a KTM, Alpha Sport, Husqvarna, Lynx or LEM, you will have to implement your own system. This can be done in a few different ways. Commonly, people put their own screw in the throttle housing or even washers in the carburetor slide to restrict the gas. You may even want to put a restrictor washer in the head pipe. Any of these, or a combination of them, will do the job for you. Contact us if you need information or instructions on these procedures.

7. What is the difference between your E-Z Trainer training wheels and other types of training wheels?

Our PATENTED E-Z Trainer training wheels took the true geometry and physics of each bike into play when first developed over 7 years ago. With our E-Z Trainer you do not have to worry about tipping over in a corner, like the rear mounted bicycle types, and you can comfortably let your child ride off-road in terrains better suited for a motorcycle. With other training wheels, variety of terrain is limited because the rider is dismounted somewhat easily. Our PATENTED units are mid-mounted without bolting them to the frame or having to unbolt something in order to remount. Like all good and working ideas, people will try to make products that are close to ours. Products that seem so similar do have many differences however. One difference is the way that the training wheels are mounted to the bike. Some use "U" clamps to mount to the frame. We tried this type of design with one of our prototypes years ago and found that the "U" clamp had to be very tight so that the training wheels would not move around on the bike. It had to be so tight in some cases that it bent the frame and made a crease in the hollow metal tubing. We felt that the frame was weakened making the bike damaged in some respects with issues unique to the frame. The most important difference is the quality of our product line. If you think that cheaper is better, then that's fine. We prefer better quality to a cheaper price. Wheels-4-Tots has been accused of over-engineering their product. What a wonderful complement, we are glad they have noticed. Personally, I would never let a “status quo” product be used for my child, let alone thousands of other children. With that in mind, Wheels-4-Tots has never and would never “cut corners” or limit our company to the “minimum” standards. From our 4-ply rubber pnematic, ball-bearing tires with grease fittings, to our powder coated, professional finish, we build you the best training wheels on the market. The price may be different from other people, but our quality was built with safety in mind first, and then intended to last! For more specifics and other comparisons, contact us.

8. Is Wheels-4-Tots a true business or are they working out of your garage as a hobby business?

Wheels-4-Tots is a real live business that has been incorporated since 1999. We use a 2500sf manufacturing facility for producing our units and a 3500sf production facility for finishing and shipping our units. We have many employees that work throughout the year and help with operating functions of Wheels-4-Tots, Inc. See Production.

9. Do you have a warranty?

Yes, we do have a warranty. If you are the original owner it is a limited lifetime warranty. Why lifetime? How many kids do you have? Our product is so superior we do not limit you to a 30 or 60-day guarantee. Your investment is guaranteed as long as you own it. We pride ourselves in your satisfaction. See Guarantee.

10. Do you have any questions? Contact Information is listed below.

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